Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

A scholarship to The Girls’ Middle School is more than just an opportunity to get a great education. It is that too, of course—but to say that it begins and ends in the classroom would be to sell the Scholarship Program far short.

Our students interact with strong female role models who are passionate and technically strong in their fields, allowing them to imagine various life paths and roles whether as a software architect or engineer, athlete or artist.

Scholarship recipients build a network of contacts that can help them make solid educational choices in high school and beyond. They learn to advocate for themselves and become confident in their abilities. They leave with an excellent foundation in the core academic subjects, while expanding their horizons with courses in Computer Science, Woodshop, and Entrepreneurial Studies. And while all of this is standard fare for any GMS girl, imagine how much more impactful it is for a girl who has the potential to become the first in her family to attend college.

In addition to tuition, our full scholarships provide girls with laptops, lunches, uniforms, one-on-one tutoring, and the costs of all fieldtrips and material expenses. The Scholarship Program also provide parents with parent education evenings directed at helping them support their daughters through the social, emotional, and technological complexities that arise in the middle school years.

Being exposed to our nationally recognized Computer Science curriculum or our unique Entrepreneurial Studies program is important—it could change any girl’s life—but it is not the goal. The ultimate goal of our Scholarship Program is to provide not just opportunity, but options—to ensure that each of our girls and their families know that when they leave The Girls’ Middle School they can determine their own path to whatever future they might imagine.