Overview and Philosophy

The Humanities Department at The Girls' Middle School integrates Language Arts with Social Sciences, an approach that encourages students to develop an awareness of themselves, their community, and the world. Beginning in the sixth grade, students use discussion, projects, and literature to investigate what it means to be a member of a community, broadening their perspective and helping them to understand commonalities in the human experience. In seventh grade, students make connections between key literary works and major concepts in United States history, placing special emphasis on the relationships between religion, race, gender, and class. In eighth grade, students integrate U.S. and world history through an examination of Globalization in contemporary life and literature. Through the process of writing, reading, listening, and speaking, students become independent and critical thinkers.

The GMS Humanities Department prepares our young women to become powerful communicators, creative as well as critical thinkers, and positive contributors to a just and pluralistic society. Its curriculum encourages students to think critically and make connections to a wide range of texts and disciplines. The Humanities Department nurtures and supports creativity, growth, and expression, and students develop the ability to write thoughtfully and fluently throughout the process. 


  • Students will develop fluency and confidence in writing.
  • Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of world cultures and perspectives.
  • Students will be able to understand and appreciate the diverse cultural voices found throughout our nation's history.
  • Students will gain insight into themselves as citizens in an increasingly interconnected global community.
  • Students will be able to collaborate and participate respectfully and effectively in the class community.
  • Students will be empowered to think and act as leaders in the classroom, school, and society.