Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math



The Girls' Middle School is committed to engaging and nurturing girls’ interests in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Even though girls surpass boys in nearly every measure of academic success, there is still a significant gender gap in the number of young women pursuing college degrees and careers in STEM fields.  At GMS, we emphasize math, science, and technology, not with the intention of steering girls toward any particular career, but to level the playing field so that girls feel confident and well prepared to delve further into these studies. At GMS, we incorporate STEM throughout the curriculum and into co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

Math classes emphasize collaboration and problem solving, with a discovery-based approach to learning concepts (as opposed to memorizing equations). Projects tie mathematics to design and create opportunities for hands-on, real-world applications.

Science classes are inquiry based, with students practicing real science in the form of experiments, research, and field studies. Engineering applications enrich and extend their understanding of concepts. Students present their findings at an annual Science Exhibition in the spring.

Computer Science is taught all three years at GMS. All students complete units in robotics, web page design, Flash animation, and several levels of computer programming.

Every student has her own laptop through our One-to-One Laptop program which incorporates technology seamlessly into all of her courses.

Intersession involves one-week short courses offered twice a year that include engineering, computer science, and also building projects, which have included our treehouse loft and the outdoor stage at our previous location.

Electives on Fridays include STEM-related options such as robotics, tinkering, and mathematical problem-solving. 

After-school Programs include weekly Math Circles as well as clubs focused on tinkering, computer coding, and robotics.