Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Voting Members of the Board

Michelle Bhatia
Susie Fishman

Lana Guernsey
Eric Harrison
Matthew Lai

Alan Louie
Susan McInnis
Susan Newman

Lee Ann Patterson (Chair)

Ira Pramanick

Karen Rohde
David Schneider
Clint Smith (Secretary)
Kelli Tomlinson (Vice Chair)
Serena Vinton

Non-Voting Members of the Board

Jennifer Ayer (Head of School)

Liz Gerhart (Parents' Association President)


Our Board of Trustees is entrusted with establishing policies and plans consistent with the mission of The Girls’ Middle School. The board primarily focuses on ensuring fiscal sustainability and long-range strategic planning.

We are incredibly grateful to our board members, whose time, energy, and enthusiasm guarantee that GMS remains a place where girls take risks, expand their horizons and, realize their potential.