All Girls Education

All Girls Education

Building imageWhy Only Girls?

Over the last 20 years, research has shown that girls think, interact, display leadership, and make decisions differently than boys. Studies point to educational disparities between the sexes, and found that, in mixed schools, girls routinely are called upon less, receive less feedback, and display lower self-esteem than boys.

Research has also demonstrated that girls at single-sex schools are more likely to take non-traditional courses in subjects that run against gender stereotypes, such as advanced math and physics. With fewer gender distractions, girls learn to be more competitive, accept leadership roles, and spend more time on schoolwork and personal interests.

Single-sex education is not merely a matter of separating girls and boys. It’s about making sure girls take center stage and applying insights from research on how they grow and learn. The combination of classroom, community, and culture makes an all-girl education a powerful and transformative experience.

To learn more about the benefits of attending a girls’ school, and what the research shows about all-girls’ education, visit the National Coalition of Girls Schools website at or download a recent study on this topic, which was commissioned by NCGS.

Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools: Differences in their Characteristics and the Transition to College